About Us
Learners Cortex is the space for brain activity. It is reported that brain (cortex) development is strongly associated with reading and learning.
The brain cortex plays a key role in
Memory, attention, awareness, perception, language,
math and consciousness.

Learners Cortex is an education company with a strong research network.
The core focus of our academy is to teach

Our researchers primarily study on Human learning and Cognitive & Behavioral development.
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Learners Cortex with a vibrant teaching unit also has a team of dedicated College Application officers. Our application team screens the profile of every student and helps them to find suitable study program...
Grad Prep
Grad Prep
Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a standardized test which is primarily...

Graduate Management Admission test (GMAT) is tested for graduate admission in...
College Prep
College Prep
SAT is a reasoning test on mathematics, critical reading and language skills ...

American College Testing is an assessment test that checks college readiness ...
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